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Look at Me: The Birthday and the Confession
“What time is the party again?”
“Sundown.” Basilio wipes sweat from his forehead with a towel and throws it at me. I swat it away, opting to just drink water a maid left out for us while we were sparring.
I look out the narrow windows; it’s late afternoon. “We should get ready then.”
Basilio shrugs. “I’m gonna practice for a while longer. Do you know what to wear?”
I sigh. “Actually, I was thinking of going in my dancer clothes.”
The dark man sputters, “What?! It’s your special day!”
“I know, I know, but I have nothing special to wear.” Out of habit, I start stretching my arms.
“What about that shopping spree?”
I let out a short laugh. “Yeah...that wasn’t on our minds at the time.” Catching the look in his eyes, I add, “Don’t get me wrong, we bought a dress, but they were casual. I guess I’ll just wear those…”
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 3 4
Look at Me: 2 a.m
“So girl, are you excited for your birthday?” Basilio questions as he takes a sip of water. Everyone's at the dining table except Lon'qu. Where is he? a part of me wonders.
“What?” I reply belatedly, looking up from my plate. I've barely eaten anything. “Oh, right, um…”
“Did you forget your birthday?” Flavia asks, her blue eyes surprised.
“I guess, haha.” I didn’t; I just spent more time avoiding Lon’qu than thinking about it. Even with what happened in the laundry room, I still kept my distance around him. He’s taken the hint and toned down the eagerness to do my bidding.
“Birthday?” the cursed man interrupts, appearing at the stairs. We all turn to face him.
“Yeah, she’s going to be nineteen!” Basilio boasts.
Lon’qu slowly brings his eyes to me. I start blushing, which causes him to blush in turn. I know that the Khans shared a knowing look. They
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 5 2
Look at Me: First Attempt to Reconcile
Please Naga, just kill me. Kill me now. “Are you okay with this?” Lon’qu looks at me, his mouth turned into a small frown. I don’t meet his eyes.
“Mm-hm. Yeah.” Ever since the party, I go out of my way to avoid having to do anything with him. But of course, the Khans insist I teach Lon’qu how to ballroom dance. “Are you?” You’re not supposed to converse with him!
“I’m not sure until we start.” In my periphery, he hangs his head, focusing on the floor.
I sigh. “Okay, well…” I walk towards him slowly, seeing his hands clench into fists. He refrains from moving away. “I hold your hand here…” I instruct, tracing a line on his arm before clasping his fist. With an internal struggle, he relaxes and entwines his fingers in mine.
“L-like...this?” I can practically feel the heat rising to his cheeks.
I ignore the way my heart jumps, saying,
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 2 1
Look at Me: The Realization
"Why am I coming?" Lon'qu fixes his collar awkwardly in the mirror. We’re all waiting for Lon’qu to finish so we can be on our way.
“You’re a man. Protect the girl,” Basilio answers in a deadpan voice, spraying himself with cologne again.
“But you’re much stronger than I am.”
“Yes, and I’m also a Khan. Flavia and I might have to entertain some nobles.”
Shrugging, Lon’qu finishes with the collar and faces us in his new clothes. When Basilio took one look at the only set of formal wear Lon’qu has, he insisted that we go shopping again. I glance at the old set, thrown aside: it’s just a simple white shirt with loose sleeves and leather pants. They look so familiar… This time, Lon’qu wears a dark blue royal coat doublet with brown loose pants and knee-high boots, but the way he stands uncomfortably gives me a sense of deja vu. “Well?” he finally asks, catching my eye
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 1 0
Look at Me: Fourth Encounter and a Late Night Talk
Humming, I practice one of my newer routines for an upcoming party. I leap around the room, making sure I don’t hesitate for even a moment, when the door opens. It’s Lon’qu, coming to get some equipment. I start slowing down my movements, my humming getting quieter. What if he looks?
To my surprise, he doesn’t even glance my way or greet me. I’m the one to say, “Hey Lon’qu.”
“Oh? Hello. Are you practicing?” He searches in a corner for something.
“Yeah...a new dance.” For some reason, I’m poised to show him my favorite part of the dance.
“Interesting…” Is it really? “Don’t let me stop you; I’m already leaving.” He gets up, holding a first-aid kit.
He strides to the door when I blurt, “Do you want to see?”
He pauses, not even facing me, replying, “No, that’s fine, thank you. I know how you are with staring.” Lon
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 1 0
Look at Me: Shopping Alone, Together
As it turns out, Lon’qu became Basilio’s representative, leaving Flavia to find someone else. Either way, he’s here to stay and I’m the only one to show him the ropes. Okay, both Khans are available, but they insist that I be with him. “’s the men’s bath,” I awkwardly say, handing him towels and a robe. “I’ll leave you be.”
I turn on my heel to walk away, when he calls out, “I, um...don’t have any extra clothes.” I turn back around to catch a blush spreading on his cheeks, causing me to blush as well.
“Ah, can borrow Ba--no, they surely wouldn’t fit. Unless you get them tailored…” I muse.
“No; I don’t want to impose so much on the West-Khan.”
“Then, I guess we have to go shopping,” I reply.
“We?” Lon’qu asks in mild shock.
“O-oh, not we, I mean you,” I correct, mentally kicking myself. You
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 2 0
Look at Me: Third Encounter
“Oliva! Where are you!?” The East-Khan bursts into my room shortly after dawn. It’s been a several days since the assassin’s fight, and she kept going out at odd hours to find him. Frankly, I’ve mostly forgot about it already, busying myself with practicing my dancing--it’s still so horrible--and entertaining at parties.
“’s so earlyy…” I moan from my slumber.
She approaches my bed and shakes me gently, then harder the more I refuse to wake up. “Come on!”
“Nooo...I got back late...let me sleeeep…”
“No really, get up!”
I open my eyes halfway, the blonde’s face just a blur. “Is it about that man…?” I ask, my words slurred.
“Yes!” Her high-pitched voice makes me cover my head with a pillow.
“Don’t’ll find time…”
“No! That’s not it!” She shakes me again, taking o
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 1 0
Look at Me: Second Encounter
Hidden by baggy pants and a tunic with one of Flavia’s old cloaks on top, we enter the arena. “Nervous?” Flavia questions, elated to see some action.
I chuckle. “You sound as if I’m going to fight,” I joke. Then I start thinking about it. Wait…
“Lighten up Olivia, you’re just another stranger in a crowd. No one will have eyes on you.” Good.
I nod, pulling the hood over my eyes more. We pass a guard who looks at me suspiciously, but Flavia waves him away, indicating that I’m with her. Once we’re inside, I lift my hood a little to admire the view. Which isn’t much, actually. It’s falling apart in places, and it’s pretty cramped with all these attendees betting on who’ll win next and...are those drugs? Oh gods no…! I quickly avert my eyes, choosing to focus on Flavia, the only one who’ll rescue me. She wraps an arm around my shoulders, guiding me to front row
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 1 0
Look at Me: First Encounter
“Okay, Olivia. Are you ready?” Basilio asks with slight amusement.
“Do you really think I’ll ever be?” I reply, blushing hard. It only makes his smile grow.
“Well, we’ve been doing this long enough. Give it your all.” The ridiculously tall man pats me encouragingly on the back--a little too hard for my tastes--as the host of the party announces my name. I step out from behind the curtain, balking at the sight of a such a large crowd. What did you expect from a rich landowner? And it’s not like you haven’t seen this before…
With barely any time to recover, the music starts and I’m alone on the floor, dancing fluidly, loving it but hating it all at the same time--oh gods, why do they stare like that?--until I can forget it all and lose myself into my favorite routine.
That is, until I see him.
He’s in the shadows, dressed up in a simple yet elegant white button-down shirt and leather pants, thou
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 1 0
Trapped In The Drive-thru
“Dave? What are you doing?” Jade’s confused tone startles me from mindless zoning.
“Hm--what? Oh, I’m just…” I glance at the T.V. playing at low volume. An infomercial is on about towels or some shit like that. I grab the remote and start channel-surfing as I reply, “Just watching T.V. Yeah.”
Jade walks towards me and gives me a hug from behind. “You were sprawled out on the couch, staring at the wall. Are you okay?” She giggles, giving me a kiss on the forehead.
I let out a deep breath. “I’m boreed,” I half-whine, tracing random patterns on her arm with my thumb. “Let’s do somethin babe.” I look up at her to see her reaction.
She bites her lip, pondering. “But Daaave, it’s like 7 p.m.”
“What are we gonna do?”
“Let’s eat.”
“Now?” she asks incredulously.
I shrug. “Yeah sure why not.”
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 13 14
Enjoy the Silence, Black Sheep
“Sollux! Hi!” I sigh again for the third time today. I share a look with Karkat as the source of the greeting bounds towards me.
“Here we go agaiin,” I mutter to myself, setting down my fork and turning down the volume on my iPod.
Aradia reaches our lunch table, her tray full of rice and meat, with a Snapple on the side. She has a wide grin on, her yellow eyes lit up. “Can I sit with y’all?” she asks. Karkat and I look around our basically empty table, unable to reject her. I nod and she happily sits down next to me, too close for comfort. I inch away, already at the edge, but I’d do anything to get some space from her.
“H-how’2 iit goiin?” I ask tentatively.
“Oh you know, exploring the ruins again! I found this cool rock in there today!” She pulls out a rock that fits in the palm of her hand. It’s yellow, flecked with a little red, seeming to shine brightly with several colors in the light. “Awesome right?
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 13 5
Wicked Games
We’re laughing loudly, trying to hush each other as we go through Hotel Noir’s halls. The hallway is dimmed, as usual, the guests and their “companions” unabashedly enjoying themselves up on the walls. The sounds of moans are a constant, but I tune them out. I wonder if she can tune them out too…

My girl quiets a little, her eyes slightly widening as we pass the guests by. She bites her lip and begins to slow down, but I pull her along, whispering sweet nothings to her as we get to the elevator leading to my penthouse. Once it starts to ascend, I ravage her lips with mine, pushing her up against the wall, feeling up her curves through her red coat.
“Well well well,” she murmurs against my lips, “someone’s a little excited.”
I snicker. “CoMe On BaBy, YoU kNoW wHaT
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 12 15
I'm Sorry
I let out a deep breath, opening my eyes. They see nothing, just a lovely sunset. The colors red and yellow are mixing together, reminding me again of us.
I sit down on the edge of the rooftop, waiting on limited time. I hope he comes before it’s too late…I’m sorry.

I saw him from behind the doorway, sitting at his desk, slumped over. It was my birthday, and he looked as if he went through war. His hair was messed up, his clothes frumpy. It was like he didn’t care about his appearance anymore. I sighed to myself. Smile Sollux. It’s my birthday.

Karkat approached Sollux, placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort. “YO, SOLLUX,” Karkat said in greeting. The mustard blood barely even looked up. Karkat sat down next to him, handing him a small card. “I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR YOU TODAY, BUT HERE. PASS IT ON TO HER FOR ME, OKAY?” At that, Sollux started to tear up. “SHIT MAN, I’M SORRY--” Karkat be
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 37 56
EB: Yes!
EB: Got it!
EB: Now, I gotta go and finish getting ready.
EB: But before I forget, thanks a lot Karkat…for making it happen.
[CG (CarcinoGeneticist) stopped trolling EB (EctoBiologist) at 6:44 p.m.]
I laugh to myself, closing the laptop and stretching. Oh Karkat… But really, I do appreciate what he’s doing for me. Knowing how much I wanna meet her, he’s setting up a party and inviting everyone. Not only does it mean that I’m gonna see her for the first time, I’m also gonna see the other trolls! I’m really excited; all I know are Kanaya, Terezi, and Karkat.
I place a hand over my heart, feeling the thump-thump of it. I don’t know why, but it feels like it’s beating for her.
I smile stupidly to myself when Dave barges in my room.
“Yo John--what are you doing?”
I snap out
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 22 25
GC: Y34H, 1'M JUST 4 L1TTL3 T1R3D.
I can imagine Karkat blushing right now. I smile to myself.
"Hey babe?" Dave yawns from our bed.
"Come back to bed, it's so lonely without you." I hear rustling behind me.
"1'LL B3 TH3R3 1N 4 MOM3NT," I say distractedly.
"What are you doing anyways?"
"Mmm…don't stay up too late. You gotta keep me warm throughout the night." I laugh a little.
"DON'T WORRY B4B3." I hear Dave mutter something and then go back to sleep. Soon enough I hear his light snores, and I go back to the computer screen. I notice that Karkat said something.
:iconariatwi:ariatwi 37 40
Enough For Me
"Class," Kankri announces when the late bell rings and we all settle down. "We're g9ing t9 have a new student c9ming." Immediately, everyone starts whispering excitedly--we're not used to new people; everyone in the school knows each other.
"Great!" Feferi cheers. "W)(o is it?"
Kankri shrugs slightly. "I haven't 6een t9ld, 6ut I'm aware it's a 69y." The girls in the class, of course, get even more excited. WATCH HIM BE A DOUCHE. "Settle d9wn. He'll 6e c9ming s99n."
That's what Kankri said half an hour ago.
"…And s9, Great 6ritain and France have had a l9ng-standing resentment f9r each 9ther…" he drones. BLAH BLAH BLAH. WHO THE FUCK EVEN CARES? I ask myself mentally. I slump in my seat even more, spacing out again. Terezi, at my right, nudges me to concentrate. THE HELL DOES SHE CARE? SHE CAN'T EVEN SEE.

Kankri keeps talking. "The seven year's war was very…" He paces around the front of the classroom, his arms crossed. I look around; most of the class is reall
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Starred Freckles :iconqinni:Qinni 5,766 350
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Update (As of 3/12/17)
Hi there! Since I will most likely not be active on dA, please feel free to send all commission inquiries to Thank you!
Commission status: Closed generally, will open on per-case basis depending on the subject and/or compensation. 
Commission Types

Due to my schedule, commissions will be open whenever I feel like. Progress will also be slower than before. Please let me know if there is a need to negotiate a reasonable deadline. Commissioners will be notified if something goes wrong and delivery cannot be done on time. 
I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with an unreasonable request.
Painting slot: 0/1
Headshot Slot: 0/5
Bust Commissions

:icon253421:253421 129 402
10 years?!
holy shit!! I've been on dA for 10 years?!!!! 
i feel old...
10 years ago i was still in high school just doing dumb things crazy over anime with my friends. 
Today, i never would've believed I'd be back in school for comic and animation.. for what i love.
I don't think I can ever thank you enough for all you've done for me these past 10 years. I've grown so much individually and artistically. I've met so many friends, artists, and fans. Although many of you aren't on this site/active anymore, you've all done so much for me. It all began here, on this site... as my old username beautiful-shinigami *cringe* lol
For all your love and support, thank you.
I could not ask for more.
:iconmmmaoh:mmmaoh 4 13
Comission price list *updated*
Please read everything carefully!
Sorryful, even if i like doing request gift-arts and collabs ,my current financial situation don't allows me to ,because the art supplies (paper watercolours) has a horrible price here and I'm not living with my parents.
So if you like my works, and you could support me I would appreciate it really :aww:
:heart:Simple Sketch 5 USD

:heart:Lineart 10 USD

:heart:B5 watercolor anime illustration :25 USD
(3/4,Half-body ,simple backgroud ,+ 5 USD for additional character)

:heart:B4 watercolor anime illustration: 30USD
(Half or Full body ,full backgroud ,+ 10 USD for additional character)
Happy Birthday Hungary:3 by namirenncommission-AzzedarXOliver by namirenncommission:Snow by namirenn
commission- Valente by namirenncommission - SteampunkTrio by namirennCommission - Teahouse by namirenn
:heart:Character design small: <b>
:iconnamirenn:namirenn 90 158
I'll make your fantasies come true
 You only have to 
:bulletpink: Ask me for commissions in a note (I PREFER IF YOU SEND me a e-mail :
:bulletgreen: I draw Yaoi/Yuri/hetero/Original Characters/furry/crossovers …(No judgement ~) 
:bulletred: I WILL NOT DRAW hardcore porn. This means I will not draw penetration or explicit scenes. I can draw a certain level of sexual intent but absolutely no penetration or fully naked persons. I will also not draw anything that will get me banned on DA.
:bulletorange: You must pay the 50% before and the another 50% after receiving the commission.( It's not that I don't trust you personally, I just don't trust anyone on the internet. I know you can understand this.)
:bulletwhite:You can ask for the progress.
◕ I will send the final work to your e-mail
◕ When it comes to my digital works, I DO NOT
:icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 60 22
- Advised that you read everything!
- Paypal in USD
- Via notes.
- Max 2 characters. Extra characters are merely double the price.
- [Half deposit -> Sketch -> Rest of the payment] or [Full payment at the start -> Sketch]
- Non refundable once started.
- Prices vary depending on complexity of the character design - more detailed/difficult characters may mean more payment.
- Slight changes are requestable after finish. 
- Submitted/not submitted to dA upon request.
:bulletred:Probably won't draw:bulletred:
- Real people and photo refs sorry.
- Description only refs.
Bust - $20USD +
Waistup - $30USD +
Fullbody - $50USD +

...and if you and I are feeling adventurous. 
Full illustration within my abilities - char + $ depending on difficult
:iconsangcoon:Sangcoon 34 69
My other social accounts;
• Facebook ♥
• Instagram ♥
• My LINE Sticker Shop♥

I take this opportunity to learn again,
and of course to save up money in teh bank! ^^
sorry for not being active ;-; uni life hits hard like snorlax.
one day, i might get serious again in art life,
once i graduate! soon! ^^
• Headshot
  20$ |

• Waist-Up :new:
  35$ |

PNG Background
Payment method : paypal only in USD currency

Slot :
1. Enalon
2. Jenny (FB)
3. suemao
:iconblackcatshooter:BlackCatShooter 17 15
What the Hell, DA..
It's kinda intimidating to log in after a while and realize I have no idea what any of this stuff means. Anyone wanna give me the cliff notes on what's changed since.. I dunno, I guess 2013..? 
I feel like an old timer now, damn. Just give me a cane to wave and get off my lawn, you kids.
(For the record, you can find me more accessibly on tumblr, still not really feeling DA just yet) 
:iconsuiseiusagi:suiseiusagi 1 2
:headbang:1. Price [in US Dollars]
*** 5% will be charge later for Paypal transaction fees
Lineart Sketch[Monotone pencil drawn and shaded by pencil OR b/w pic drawn and shaded in computer] (price per character)
Your original character >>>
+++  1 character / no bg : $17
+++  1 character / with bg : $25
+++  1 character / full body / no bg : $30
+++  1 character / waist up / no bg : $20
Full CG [with full bg]
+++  waist up
1 character :$50 (in one pic / one bg)
2 characters : $70 (in one pic / one bg)
3 characters : $100 (in one pic / one bg)
4 characters : $120 (in one pic / one bg)
*** More than 4 characters, $25 will be charge for each character.
+++  Full body
1 character : $70 (in one pic / one bg)
2 characters : $100 (in one pic / one bg)
3 characters : $120 (in one pic / one bg)
4 characters : $150 (in one pic / one bg)
*** More than 4 characters, $30 will be charge for each characte
:iconmrsloth:mrsloth 38 169
I open at the close... by Qinni I open at the close... :iconqinni:Qinni 6,989 197
[OPEN] Commission info

Fisrt comes, first served La la la la 
changed some prices I'm gonna try my best to be faster to finish commissions

I usually work at 300 dpi with A4 canvas. A5 for chibis.I accept USD through PayPal and/or DeviantART points. €1 EUR = 100 points.Clutter/details, backgrounds, and/or other additions will have an additional charge.I generally work in the order of payment received.I work after I receive a full payment; 50/50 can be negotiated depending on your subtotal.I will pay for PayPal fees, so please send through "Goods and Services"!


After I receive the payment, there will be no refunds.I only issue
:iconmaroro:Maroro 20 10


hellohello everyone!
i'm not dead,i just have school in the way ^^"
but I did write a new fanfic!so i'll get that uploaded as soon as possible!
:iconrebornxyui: tagged me!

1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this". You ligitemently have to tag ten people.

1.i'm learning japanese as well favorite artist is utada hikaru
4.i'm kinda insecure...? topic is my STORE ♥
6.i have lots of best friends,i just keep clicking with people
7.writing's my passion~ dream is to go to japan this year
9.i love k-pop
10.i'm eating an apple~

don't like tagging anyone,so if u wanna,just do it!


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i'm just a girl doin her thing
lawl no,i'm just getting my stuff out there!

anyways,i'm a shy girl and i do my best ^^"

Current Residence: NYC
Favourite genre of music: rock or pop
MP3 player of choice: ipod



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