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“So girl, are you excited for your birthday?” Basilio questions as he takes a sip of water. Everyone's at the dining table except Lon'qu. Where is he? a part of me wonders.

“What?” I reply belatedly, looking up from my plate. I've barely eaten anything. “Oh, right, um…”

“Did you forget your birthday?” Flavia asks, her blue eyes surprised.

“I guess, haha.” I didn’t; I just spent more time avoiding Lon’qu than thinking about it. Even with what happened in the laundry room, I still kept my distance around him. He’s taken the hint and toned down the eagerness to do my bidding.

“Birthday?” the cursed man interrupts, appearing at the stairs. We all turn to face him.

“Yeah, she’s going to be nineteen!” Basilio boasts.

Lon’qu slowly brings his eyes to me. I start blushing, which causes him to blush in turn. I know that the Khans shared a knowing look. They seem to do that a lot lately… “You’re nineteen?”

“ old are you?” That’s so rude, Olivia! Has Basilio taught you nothing in manners?! Then again… “I-if you don’t mind,” I amend.

Lon’qu drops his gaze onto the floor. “...Twenty-two.”

“Ah, close to our age!” Flavia exclaims. Both Khans are in their early thirties.

“When is it?”

“Next week!” Basilio replies.

“Congratulations,” Lon’qu says to me. Now everyone looks at me expectantly for some hint of giddiness. I’m famous for being a tad too excited about my birthday. Gotta enjoy my youth, right?

“Yayyy…! Then I can go shopping, woo…!” How can I think about my birthday when I’m still reeling about Lon’qu being the only person who doesn’t look at my dancing? And that he held my hand willingly? Gods, I need a break…

Thankfully, my statement appeases the Khans. “Great! Let’s go right now!” Flavia says, jumping up from her seat and grabs my wrist to pull me from my seat while I’m in the middle of scarfing down mashed potatoes for the first time since the meal began.

“Don’t stay out too long,” Basilio reminds us, bringing me back to my sixteenth birthday, where Flavia and I camped out on the streets to get tickets for an exclusive performance. It took us three days, but it was worth it.

“We won’t!” Flavia and I chorus, though I’m not exactly sure if we’d uphold it. Flavia pushes me towards the stairs as I look back to see Lon’qu watching me go with saddened eyes.
“Tell me again why...we’re doing this spree a week before my birthday?” It’s past midnight and Flavia and I are hauling what feels like a thousand bags to my room.

“You need a distraction...I also need to get supplies.” The East-Khan won’t meet my eyes as she says this. I squint at her. During the trip, she’s slipped away while I was changing into countless outfits, coming back with more bags stuffed with tissue paper, refusing to tell me what she got.

“Okay…” As we near my bedroom door, I notice that there’s a dark figure lurking. They’re not paying attention to us or doing anything in particular, just pacing in front of the door. I’m about to scream, but Flavia notices too. She puts a finger on her lips and lunges at the figure, sword out, shopping bags and all. Quickly, the figure parries the blow with their own sword.

“Not again, you--”

“East-Khan?” Lon’qu.

The East-Khan and I let out a sigh of relief, dropping the bags. “Oh, boy, it’s just you.”

“Lon’qu, what are you doing creeping around my door?!” I nearly screech. My eye adjust enough to the darkness to make out that he hasn’t changed into his sleepwear at all. Was he…? No. Too late, I realize that I’ve stepped towards him, but he hasn’t moved. He only moves away when Flavia gets closer.

“...I was waiting for your return, Olivia.” Again, my heart sings at the way he says my name, but I squash it.

“Why?” I get closer, staring him down. I can make out that he’s blushing, but I can’t tell how much.

Flavia sees the growing tension and slides away with the bags of things she bought without me. “I’ll leave you two kids alone…”

Lon’qu relaxes when Flavia is out of earshot and whispers, “I mis--I was worried.”

That takes me back. “Oh…”

The ruffled man starts pacing again. “It’s ridiculous, but I’m supposed to protect you, and I--”

“Oh Lon’qu, that’s only for parties. Flavia and Basilio can handle it the other times.”

He stops pacing for a moment and looks into my eyes. “Yes, but I want--oh no…”

I perk up. “You want what?” Hopefully it’s lighter than visiting his wrecked village.

For the first time since I found him, he takes a big step back. “N-nothing,” he stutters.

My shoulders drop. “O…okay.”

After several seconds of awkward silence, Lon’qu offers, “Let me help you.” Without letting me answer, he picks up all of the bags and patiently waits for me to open the door. Blushing, I push it open and let him in. He nods at me in thanks and places all of them by my closet.


“Anytime.” A little eager there…guess he still wants to make it up. I gesture the way out, but Lon’qu doesn’t move. He stands there, looking at my feet.

“Is there something…?” I begin.

The man nods. “What...would you like for your birthday?” His gaze travels up my body, but not in a leering way. It’s more like he’s hesitating to look at my face. Of course. I think about the shopping spree; it was fun and all, getting new stuff, but nothing really caught my eye. I only did it to satisfy Flavia. “Do you still...want the dress?” Lon’qu asks to my surprise.

What dress? Hold on… “The one I was staring at when I went out with you the first time?” Immediately, heat rises to my cheeks. Make it sound like a date, Olivia. Real smooth.

Unfortunately, Lon’qu gets it too and starts blushing as well. “Y-yeah.”

I ponder for a minute. “ was so pretty…! But it’s probably gone by now.” It’s been a month or so.

“Ah...anything else?” His voice rises a little, trying to sound casual.

The infatuated side of me wants to scream, You! but I cross my arms and say, “Not that I can think of. But I’ll, um, let you know when I think of something.” Wow, trying to beat a dead horse, aren’t you?

Thankfully, Lon’qu doesn’t say anything about it. His mouth turns into a small frown, disappointed that I have nothing for him. “Alright...well, good night...I’m sorry.” I sigh inwardly. He’s been saying that ever since the party and honestly I have no real reason to be upset with him at this point. You just want him to notice you.

“Good night…” I say to his back as he closes the door. Sighing, I change into my pajamas for once and throw myself onto my bed, loving how soft and warm it is. Don’t think about him, I tell myself as I drift off into sleep.
Of course, I had to dream about Lon’qu. We weren’t even doing anything, just holding hands on a date and Lon’qu uncharacteristically kissing me first at the end. I really need to stop. Secretly though, I didn’t want it to end, but I suddenly woke up to screams. I thought it was me, but they’re still persisting. Slowly, I crawl out of bed and crack my door open an inch. The screams are coming from down the hall. And only two people sleep in this corridor: Lon’qu and me. Oh no, Lon’qu.

Heart beating fast, I run down the hall to Lon’qu’s room. I knock, but seeing how futile that is, I barge into his room. I’ve only been inside once before, but I don’t have time to balk at the fact that I’m in a man’s room. Lon’qu writhes on his bed, the sheets thrown off. “Lon’qu?” My voice rises an octave. He doesn’t answer. I approach him to see that he’s asleep. A nightmare?

“Ke...ri…” the sweaty man croaks, his face contorted in fear.

“Lon’qu,” I say a little louder. I’m afraid to touch him. There’s no time for that, just do it!


“Lon’qu…!” I start shaking him, but he grabs onto me and flings me to the side. My back hits the wall, but I’m undeterred. I jump on him and shake him hard. “Lon’qu!” I plead. Please wake up. I can’t see you like this. He only responds by pushing me away.

“Let me...protect you…!” He thrashes around even more, but I don’t fall off the bed.

“You’ve done enough!” I cry. I grip his shoulders, willing him to wake up.

The minute the words leave my mouth, Lon’qu’s brown eyes shoot open, wild and unfocused. I notice that there are bags under them. Has he not been sleeping? “Ke’ri…?” He looks at me, but not really.

“Lon...qu?” I ask tentatively, wondering who this girl is.

His chest starts heaving, his mouth breaking into another rare smile and pulls me close. He kisses my shoulder. “Ke’ri, I missed you much…” Lon’qu starts to sob quietly. Is Ke’ri his girlfriend…? I feel guilty for witnessing him like this, when it’s clearly for someone else.

“I...I’m so sorry.” I run my fingers through his hair, hating that I’m leading him on. “But I’m not…”

“Not what?” Lon’qu pulls back a little.

I bite my lip. “I’m not...Ke’ri.”

The man pulls away even farther to look into my eyes, like really look. He realizes his mistake and his face falls entirely. “Olivia…? What are you doing?”

Tears spring to my eyes. “I-I-I’m really sorry, b-but you were screaming and I came to check and…”

Lon’qu looks at me as if he lost the girl again. “I...I apologize for the disturbance.” His voice sounds hollow, but his eyes are glassy. “Go back to sleep.”

I furrow my eyebrows. “Lon’ can let it out.” I put a hand on his cheek. That breaks him. He pulls me close again, crying heartbroken tears. I pet him in comfort. It feels like hours before his sobs subside.

“Thank you...Olivia,” he finally says, pushing me away a little.

I nod. “Would to talk about it?” He doesn’t look at me as he shakes his head. “Okay...I’ll let you be.”

I move to get off the bed, but Lon’qu’s small voice pleads, “Please don’t leave.”

Surprised, I meet his eyes. “ sure?”

He gives a curt nod. We both know what this would imply usually, but it’s clear he needs someone to hold, regardless of his fear. I move to lay by his side, becoming aware at the last minute that he’s shirtless. I blush, but I remind myself, We’re just sleeping. We snuggle close enough that I can hear his heartbeat and I kiss his shoulder. He lets out a short breath and kisses the top of my head. Slowly, we fall asleep.
Look at Me: 2 a.m
chapter 8!it's a little longer than the rest,but I hope y'all get feels~
once again,i own nothing ^^
Please Naga, just kill me. Kill me now. “Are you okay with this?” Lon’qu looks at me, his mouth turned into a small frown. I don’t meet his eyes.

“Mm-hm. Yeah.” Ever since the party, I go out of my way to avoid having to do anything with him. But of course, the Khans insist I teach Lon’qu how to ballroom dance. “Are you?” You’re not supposed to converse with him!

“I’m not sure until we start.” In my periphery, he hangs his head, focusing on the floor.

I sigh. “Okay, well…” I walk towards him slowly, seeing his hands clench into fists. He refrains from moving away. “I hold your hand here…” I instruct, tracing a line on his arm before clasping his fist. With an internal struggle, he relaxes and entwines his fingers in mine.

“L-like...this?” I can practically feel the heat rising to his cheeks.

I ignore the way my heart jumps, saying, “No, like this.” I arrange our hands the correct way. “Then you place your other hand here…” Again, I trace a line to his other hand, overlooking the fact that it’s trembling. I guide it to my waist, feeling it fall limp. “No, firmer.” Lon’qu then grips a little harder, but still too loose. We’ll work on that later.

“Is this...enough?” Lon’qu gulps loudly. I only look at his cheeks--they’re a bright, burning red.

“We’re, uh...we’re too far apart.” I mean like come on, there’s a foot of pace between us. But I can’t handle getting closer. In all honesty, it’s not just him dreading the lesson. Ever since that night, I...I won’t allow getting too close, feeling betrayed and insulted. I’ve been asking myself, Why does it matter? He’s just doing what you’ve always wanted, but I keep coming back to the same answer. Maybe...maybe I don’t want him to. Maybe...I want him to notice me. Maybe...I like him. As always, I shut that part out of my mind.

Lon’qu shuffles like an inch. I shuffle another inch. We both know it’s not enough, but the closer we get, the redder our faces become. When we’re around six inches away, the appropriate distance, we’re blushing like it’s a sauna in here. Strangely, I see that Lon’qu has loosened up considerably, but I’ve tensed.

“Okay, I guess we’re ready to start,” I pronounce.

“But Olivia…” I smother the way my heart starts beating faster, the stupid smile starting to form. Did you really have to say my name? “Aren’t we supposed to look at each other?”

I let out a forced laugh. “Ha, no.”

“But...all the other couples did at the party.”

“Psh yeah...’cause they’re experienced.”

“You didn’t,” he points out. His mouth is too close to my ear, just like that night. Before I can even think of a retort, he adds, “Well, you don’t like it anyways…” Some part of me wants to scream, I like it when it’s you! “So...what now?” The pressure finally gets to me. I let go of Lon’qu and briskly walk to the door. “Olivia, what’s wrong?”

I shake my head vigorously, not turning around. “Y-you’re not ready. You’re still too afraid,” I lie. I’m afraid. I can’t do this. I leave the room as calmly as possible, and once I’m out of sight, I sprint to my room.
After that disaster, I’d begged Flavia to find someone else, refusing to explain why. Lon’qu keeps trying to corner me, but I make up some excuse to evade him. Finally, he finds me in the laundry room, folding clothes.

“Olivia,” Lon’qu starts urgently, alarming me.

“Gods, Lon’qu!” I say, pressing a hand to my chest.

“I-I’m sorry; you’ve been unavailable often.”

“I’m kinda busy now,” I retort, smoothing the wrinkles out of a damp shirt.

“I’ll be quick.” The dark-haired man lets out a deep breath. “What have I done?”

I pause for a second, my mind racing. Shit. “Nothing. Why?” I continue to fold.

I hear him shifting his weight. “You’re...distant.”

“Are you sure it’s not just you?”

“Well...yes. You’re less friendly now.”

“Maybe I’m just respecting your boundaries.” I see him deflate in the corner of my eye.

“I still feel like I’ve upset you.” You don’t look at me.

“And what if I say yes?” I keep my tone nonchalant. I set the folded shirt aside and start on a gold dress--one of Flavia’s.

“Can I do anything to make it up to you?” He doesn’t even ask why. Is he that desperate to mend things? Without letting me answer, he strides over to a pile of clothes and starts folding one of them.

Stamping out the feeling of joy, I mumble, “You don’t have to help me fold…”

“I want to,” Lon’qu replies, no hesitation. We fold silently, but I can feel that Lon’qu has something on his mind. After several minutes, he begins, “I go to visit my hometown sometimes.” His voice is just barely above a whisper.

I stop and look at him. Thankfully, he’s focused on folding a scarf of his. “What are you talking about?”

“That’s what I do in my free time.”

“Oh, you weren’t born in Ferox?” My curiosity piques.

“No,” he responds, but he seems to hold himself back from saying more.

“Where is your hometown?” I ask tentatively.

“...Chon’sin.” Lon’qu’s mouth is set in a thin line, like he’s recalling something painful.

My eyes widen. Oh. Half of the village was burned down by packs of brigands. “I’m so sorry…”

Lon’qu sniffles a little. “I just wanted you to know.” My heart goes out to him. In a moment of weakness, I place a soothing hand on his arm. Curiously, he doesn’t cringe. He just puts a hand over mine, sighing.

Without saying anything else, we resume folding.
sorry for being away for so long!but i'm back and in the groove!♥
"Why am I coming?" Lon'qu fixes his collar awkwardly in the mirror. We’re all waiting for Lon’qu to finish so we can be on our way.

“You’re a man. Protect the girl,” Basilio answers in a deadpan voice, spraying himself with cologne again.

“But you’re much stronger than I am.”

“Yes, and I’m also a Khan. Flavia and I might have to entertain some nobles.”

Shrugging, Lon’qu finishes with the collar and faces us in his new clothes. When Basilio took one look at the only set of formal wear Lon’qu has, he insisted that we go shopping again. I glance at the old set, thrown aside: it’s just a simple white shirt with loose sleeves and leather pants. They look so familiar… This time, Lon’qu wears a dark blue royal coat doublet with brown loose pants and knee-high boots, but the way he stands uncomfortably gives me a sense of deja vu. “Well?” he finally asks, catching my eye for just a second.

Both Khans look at each other, then at me, nodding approvingly. “Much better,” they say in unison. Lon’qu sighs.

“Well, let’s go.”
At the party, Lon’qu at once has to assume his role as my bodyguard when random male guests start approaching me with hungry eyes. With just one glare, they all back away from us. “Good job, boy. You’ll do well,” Flavia comments before going off to talk to nobles, a hand affectionately on Basilio’s arm.

I get closer to Lon’qu, but he backs away. “So, uh, what do you usually do before you perform?”

I shrug. “I mostly socialize with the ladies or stay by Basilio.”

“So...I’m your Basilio for tonight.”

“Apparently…” We start walking around the perimeter of the grand hall, Lon’qu several steps ahead of me. “Sorry,” I mutter. “I know you don’t like this.”

“...It’s my job,” is all he says, flinching every time a woman passes by too close.

“Hey, Lon’qu?”

“Yes?” He doesn’t turn to look at me.

The corners of my mouth turn down at the missed opportunity of saying my name again--he hasn’t said it since four nights ago. “What do you do in your free time?”

The question surprises him. “Train to master the sword. Go on errands. Visit my--oh…”

My ears perk up at some juicy information. “Visit your what?” I pick up my pace to reach his side.

His face turns red. “N-nothing. Forget what I said.”

I pout. “Fine…” I fall back and trail behind him again.
“You ready, Olivia?” Basilio questions.

“Still wondering about that,” I reply, tensing up when the host calls my name. With a pat on the back, Basilio pushes me forward into the view of the crowd. Stumbling a bit, I bow and the audience cheers. The music starts playing and I fall back into the comfort of the notes, spinning gracefully.

I’m halfway into the routine when I spot Lon’qu, realizing that I’ve been looking for him the entire time. Why…? My heart skips a beat. Maybe he can finally see my favorite part. He’s at the edge of the crowd, sipping bubbly champagne. His face contorts into disgust and I giggle.

But then I look closer and...his eyes are on the drink.

Instead of me.


The dark, tousled hair, the stance... it’s him.

The man who wouldn’t look at me last time. The only one whose eyes aren’t on me again. “You’re the one...” I whisper, my face losing its smile. I gesture at the small orchestra to play louder and I dance more aggressively, willing Lon’qu to look at me. Isn’t this a good thing? my mind nags.


Why do you care?

I don’t know. Keep dancing.

I dance my heart out, possibly giving the best show, shown by the even more roses thrown at me when I finish. I bow again, still looking for Lon’qu--he disappeared from his spot in the back. I run back to Basilio, my chest feeling too tight. He ruffles my pink hair and booms, “Wonderful, girl! Best performance yet!” If only Lon’qu saw. To my left, Flavia approaches me, already a little drunk.

“Olivia! I loved it!” She hugs me.

“Thank you.” My words are muffled into her shoulder. When she pulls away, I ask, “Where’s Lon’qu?”

She shrugs. “I imagine he’s stepped out for a bit. Are you okay?” She lowers her voice in concern.

Tears welling up, I shake my head. “Flavia, it’s him. He was the man who wouldn’t look at me. He didn’t look at me again.”

Her face falls. “Oh Olivia…” She pats my hair, but she asks, “Why is it so important that he didn’t…?”

More tears spring to my eyes. “I-I don’t know...” I wipe the stupid tears away as Basilio comes towards us.


“I-I’m fine. Let’s just go.” I sound like a kid.

“But it’s time to dance, girl!” Suddenly, he pulls me to him as a different set of music starts. Flavia finds another partner and Basilio and I are spinning, too fast, to the center. Then we move, our feet rapidly moving to the upbeat music. “You ready?” he asks out of nowhere.

Confused, I look at him. “For what?”

“This. Catch, boy!” Then Basilio spins me out of his grasp and I collide with another man. I’m basically on his lap as he holds me up.

“O-Olivia?” The sweet sound of the voice makes me look up into deep brown eyes. Lon’qu. “What’s--?”

I feel the grip on my back loosening as his fear takes over. “Don’t drop me,” I plead.

“Dance, you two!” Basilio calls from far away, swinging Flavia. Lon’qu and I stare at each other in varying stages of shock.

“But I…” Lon’qu starts, at a loss for words.

I circle my arms around his neck. “Pull me upright and follow my lead,” I say hurriedly. He does so, his movements unsure. The music swells and I lead him through the dance, refusing to look at him.

“What happened to your performance?” the suddenly shy man asks, his mouth too close to my ear.

“I did it. It’s over.”

“Oh, I missed it?”

Anger flaring, I step on his shoe. It’s useless, since I’m wearing thin slippers. “No. You just didn’t look at me.” My voice cracks and I curse myself for feeling this way. And I really wanted you to see it.

“I thought you don’t like that.”

“You’re right, I don’t,” I huff.

“Then I don’t understand why you’re so upset.” In a moment of weakness, I peek at him. He’s looking at me, his face red again.

“Neither do I.” I let silence fall between us. Once the music stops, I let go and make my way to dance with Flavia, the sadness in his eyes burned into my mind.
Look at Me: The Realization
chapter 6!last of the updating spree!now y'all must wait >.<
I hope ur all having a good time so far!
once again,i own nothing~
Humming, I practice one of my newer routines for an upcoming party. I leap around the room, making sure I don’t hesitate for even a moment, when the door opens. It’s Lon’qu, coming to get some equipment. I start slowing down my movements, my humming getting quieter. What if he looks?

To my surprise, he doesn’t even glance my way or greet me. I’m the one to say, “Hey Lon’qu.”

“Oh? Hello. Are you practicing?” He searches in a corner for something.

“Yeah...a new dance.” For some reason, I’m poised to show him my favorite part of the dance.

“Interesting…” Is it really? “Don’t let me stop you; I’m already leaving.” He gets up, holding a first-aid kit.

He strides to the door when I blurt, “Do you want to see?”

He pauses, not even facing me, replying, “No, that’s fine, thank you. I know how you are with staring.” Lon’qu closes the door behind him. I resume my dancing, skipping over the part I was about to show him, thinking, But I want you to stare.
A soft knock on the door awakens me from my post-dance nap. “Who is it…?” I wonder out loud.

“...Lon’qu. Are you...indecent?”

“Wait…!” I call out, pulling the covers over me. I need to stop falling asleep like this. “Come in.” Slowly, the door opens, revealing Lon’qu in wrinkled pajamas. I furrow my brow. “What time is it…?” I yawn.

“Midnight,” he answers promptly.

“Midnight?!” I shout.


“Sorry!” I whisper. “Midnight?! Why are you up?”

“I wanted to talk about...your dancing.”

I perk up. “You want to see?”

“No, not that.” Then what the hell? “Who taught you how to dance?”

“Oh. I’m self-taught.”

“I you only dance for entertainment?”

I shrug. “I mean, I know ballroom dancing, but no one wants me to do that.” I watch Lon’qu walk around the room quietly, steering clear of the bed. He stops by the window, looking out at the waxing moon.

"Were you self-taught in that, as well?" he asks distractedly.

I shake my head. "No; when Basilio and Flavia found out I didn't know, they immediately recruited a teacher for me and practiced with me in their free time." I laugh a little at the memory: how offended they were, even though they barely have a use for it; how I kept stepping on Basilio's toes and tripping on Flavia’s cape.

"I see," Lon'qu murmurs. "That was all, thank you." With that, he turns on his heel and strides out of my room, tripping over the rich carpet at the last minute. I gasp and he flails to hold onto something. He grabs onto the doorframe, but his head bangs against it.

"Oh gods Lon'qu! Are you okay?" I jump off my bed and rush to him. Lon'qu, pressing a hand to his forehead, puts a hand to stop me from getting closer.

"Stay away," he orders, his voice laced with pain.

"No! You need help!"

"No please...! I can't... You're..."

"Who cares right now?!" Ignoring his pleas, I pry his hand from his forehead, seeing a small cut. "Lon'qu, you're bleeding!"

"Keep your voice down!" he says through gritted teeth. Pulling him back inside my room, I fish out a first-aid kit from my closet. You never know. I order him to sit on my bed. "B-but," he stutters. A glare from me shuts him up and he obeys.

Approaching him with the kit, Lon'qu leans away from me. "Lon'qu," I scold.

"I can do this myself," he grumbles. Annoyed, I rub ointment on the cut, not bothering to warn him. To my pleasure, he winces in pain at the sting. "It's not that serious..." Without comment, I put a bandage on the forehead. "Is it over?" he inquires.

Coolly, I respond, "Well, if you'll let me, I'll check for other wounds." I give him a pointed look.

"I-if you insist," he allows, his face red in the dim moonlight. I skim my hands over his hands and arms, instantly feeling him tense up.

"Why are you like this?" I ask out loud to myself.

Unexpectedly, Lon'qu answers, "I don't like women."

Frowning, I look at him. "You're...afraid?"

He looks at me in surprise. "Yes. How...?"

"I thought you were just really shy around Flavia and me, but the more you're here..." His gaze falls to the arm I'm touching. I pull away. "I'm sorry then. At least there aren't any other cuts or bruises."

The brown-haired man lets out a short laugh. "Yeah."

I back away from him, gesturing towards the door. "You can go."

With a curt nod, he rises and walks out. Before he closes the door, though, he calls out softly, "Olivia?"

A rush of blood floods to my face, elated that he finally said my name in the two weeks he's been here. "Yes?" I say, a little too happily.

"Thank you. And please don't make a big deal of what I told you about my... issue."

I give him a half-smile. "I wouldn't do that to you. Good night, Lon'qu."

Giving me a rare smile, he says, "Good night, Olivia."
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1.i'm learning japanese as well favorite artist is utada hikaru
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awww,ur welcome~
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Happy bday!
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awwww thankuuuu!♥♥
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np ^^ <3

I'll draw something for you soon
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